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Breitling Replica Watches was able to grow by 24% in 2016, and 31% the year before. We've had a growth in 2016of 24%, and the year before 31%,"explainsAhrendt.

He continues, "There are several reasons why this has worked for us." "We stick to what Breitling Replica Watches is, the simplicity in design and not too many novelty features. Andon the other hand, we have becometechnologically independent with the Breitling Replica Watches swing system; there are only a handful of watchcompanies out there who can produce this essential watch componentand who are independent because of this. The fact that our Berlin studio is responsible for the design, communications and watchmaking, while Glashutte is in charge of the watchmaking is also very important. "By combining the two, we can get the best from both."

Tetra Neomatik 39 silvercut, from the "At Work Series" of the brand.

The Quiet Power of Glashutte

It is true that the phrase "the best of both worlds" is a good one. Glashutte,Breitling Replica Watches located in Saxony is a quiet and small town surrounded by mountains covered with green pine trees. Although Glashutte is small, her watchmaking is mighty. Out of the approximately 1,600 inhabitants, more than 1,000 are skilled watchmakers. While it doesn't have the vibrant sleepless lifestyle of Berlin, it certainly boasts a quiet power that makes Breitling Replica Watches a contenderintraditionalwatchmaking.

The Breitling Replica Watches swing system, and the DUW 3001 movement are a huge part of what makes Breitling Replica Watches an independent brand. Theodor Prenzel was the Deputy Head of Research & Development at Breitling Replica Watches in 2012, and he faced a big challenge. He explains, "I had only three goals in developing a movement: to make it flat, accurate, and cost-effective. "The rule of watchmaking is that a movement must be either flat, accurate, or affordable. The Breitling Replica Watches swing system took seven years of R&D, and nearly $12 million to develop.

Prenzel, in his office, overlooking Glashutte's sleepy town, IWC Ingenieur Replica Watches explains the development of the DUW 3001 with thoughtfulness and precision: "There are many levels within a watch, and they're all built up -- but because there is a limited space per level, the number of parts available for each one is limited. We wanted to change this, so we spent a lot time understanding why each piece was there and the entire movement before we adjusted it. We were able to fit the same number parts between the baseplate and the three quarter plate within a space of 1mm. In total, the movement is 3.2mmin height; it's extremely thin for a self-windingmovement."

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