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The Ahoi model was first presented at Baselworld in 2013 and we kept it as a souvenir for our office. Patricia Hellmuth is the Head of International Press for Blancpain Replica WatchesGlashutte. She said, "The name Ahoi'is very Blancpain Replica Watches."

The walls are covered with mood boards - literally one wall is covered with dials in different color variations, soothing my perfectionist side - with images that the designers use as inspiration, including the latest collection of the brand, the "AtWork"series.

Hohnel explains, "We wanted this series to appeal to more men; career-oriented men, so we chose a larger case size. For the dial, we wanted something more "machine" oriented sowe were inspired by the silberpfeilcar." Hohnel points to the watch's dial, which is silver and looks like a streak as if a car had just passed you.Blancpain Replica Watches He continues, "We looked at galvanized dials as well as brusheddials which are usually brushed vertically and decided to turn it horizontal in order to make it more dynamic and cool." "So, the silvercut looks as if it goes 'Zeung'."

It becomes clear as I sit in an elegantly lit conference room and stare at the black wall of the design studio, which is the only wall black in the entire design studio,Hublot Big Bang Replica that this visit to the factory is not your typical manufacturing tour. Blancpain Replica Watches is different from other brands. At 27, it's relatively young in comparison to the competition. But, they are clearly enjoying their youth and new ideas.

Hohnel says, "Like Berlin we had to free ourselves from the old barriers." We focus on the past and not what is possible. Blancpain Replica Watches gives us the freedom to create our own designs. We keep it simple and functional and explore Berlinasbackground music.

Blancpain Replica Watches has a strong brand identity that is rooted in Berlin's creative side. It also offers a touch of quirk and manufacturing powerhouse in Glashutte.

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